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Robomow® It Mows. You Don't.

The most convenient way to maintain your lawn while you enjoy your free time.

Robomow® is the ultimate in mowing convenience. It is a fully automatic lawn mower, designed to mow your lawn completely by itself. Designed for domestic (consumer) lawns, Robomow® can handle any lawn that can be mowed with a traditional petrol or electric walk mower, irrespective of the shape and slopes of the property, obstacles and type of lawn.

It features a battery powered three blade, 56 cm (21 inch) powerful cutting system equivalent to a 5.5 HP petrol mower. Robomow® is a dedicated mulching mower that mulches better than a traditional mower thanks to its Triple-Chamber-Mulching system and the 5800-RPM blade speed, double that of a typical petrol mower. Grass is cut into very small clippings that are buried in the roots of the lawn, where they decompose and act like a natural fertilizer. It travels on the lawn in a systematic criss-cross pattern covering the lawn several times from side to side to ensure that the entire yard is covered and the grass is cut from several angles.This results in a healthier and better-looking lawn, and eliminates the need to collect and remove the clippings.

  • Convenience: Press a button, Robomow® does the rest. The refined mulching operation also saves you the hassle of disposing the clippings and debris.
  • Free time: No more spending your weekends mowing the lawn. Now spend your free time with the family and do the things you really like to do.
  • Safety: Automatic mowing and exclusive safety features not found on other mowers make Robomow® the safest way to mow your lawn, period! Front and rear bumper sensors; mower lift detection and child lock are only some of the superior safety features of the Robomow®.
  • Healthy lawn: Within each mowing session, the Robomow® cuts the grass in several directions and it is much healthier for the lawn. Thanks to the mulching system most valuable nutrients will return back to your lawn.
  • High quality of mowing: Automatic mowing and an optimal combination of cutting parameters (blades speed of 5,800 RPM and driving speed of 0.5 meter/sec) result in high quality of mowing and homogeneous beautiful looking lawn.
  • Environmentally friendly: No petrol, no oil, no emissions and virtually silent.
See it in action
See it in action

Robomow® RL850

Simply press Go, Robomow® RL850 does the rest.

Robomow® RL850 is an automatic lawnmower that cuts the grass all by itself. Simply drive it to the lawn and press the GO button. Robomow® will do all the hard work for you, leaving a beautiful manicured lawn.

  • Creates more free time for more enjoyable activities
  • Mows as often as you like to keep that fresh just cut look
  • Saves collecting and disposing of the clippings
  • Leaves a beautifully manicured lawn
  • Provides a natural fertiliser for your lawn making it healthy and lush
  • It's nice and quiet, so it won't disturb the peaceful atmosphere around your home
  • Easy installation, anyone can do it
  • Maintenance free design saves you money, no annual service is needed
  • Built extra strong to take the knocks and last the distance
  • 53cm cutting system, larger than most domestic mowers
  • Three heavy-duty hardended steel cuttings blades to do the business
  • Refined and patented mulching system so it doesn't leave clippings lying around
  • Exclusive drop-and-go 24-volt batteries
  • User controlled theft protection and disabling system
  • Manual controller for convenient transport of the mower from the garage to the lawn and between plots, as well as mowing very narrow areas manually.
Technical specifications:
  • Weight: 23kg Unit + 13kg Power Pack
  • Dimensions: 889mm L x 660mm W x 317mm H
  • Color: Yellow
  • Mowing Height: 25mm-63mm with Low Cut Blades, easy to set
  • Knobby Wheels: Recommended for all lawns, excellent traction
  • Perimeter Switch & batteries
  • Perimeter Wire: 150m
  • Pegs: 150
  • RoboRuler
  • Charger
  • Installation DVD

Robomow® Features & Benefits

The most convenient way to maintain your lawn

Imagine never having to cut your lawn again. Our automatic lawn mowers save you time and effort. Mow the lawns anytime without disturbing your neighbours.

Exclusive to Robomow:
  • Patented RoboScan intelligent mowing - more effective than random pattern mowers
  • Patented Triple-Chamber-Mulching system - beautifully cut lawns every time
  • Heavy duty ABS outer shell - will take the knocks
  • Powerful maintenance free drive motors
  • Tool free blade replacement
  • Tool free drop-and-go battery system - mow larger areas with ease
  • Proven reliability and quality - first released 1995
  • 56cm (21 inch) mowing system
  • Edge mowing - mowing deck extends beyond the drive wheels
  • Mows in both forward and reverse directions - saves valuable battery power
  • Bump sensitive bumpers front and rear
  • Mows up to 500m2 per charge
Built to last
  • Three heavy duty cutting blades, average life 2 years
  • Three powerful independent cutting motors - even mows long or kikuyu grass
  • Heavy duty ABS outer shell - will take the knocks
  • Powerful maintenance free drive motors
  • Get your lawn cut automatically
  • No need to collect the clippings
Free time
  • No more spending your weekends mowing the lawn
  • Spend your free time with the family and do the things you really like to do
  • Automatic mowing and exclusive safety features not found on other mowers
  • Identifies trees, rocks and obstacles
  • Sensors equipped bumpers, mower lift detection, child lock and many more
Healthy lawn
  • A cutting method much healthier for the lawn
  • Valuable nutrients return to the lawn
High quality of mowing
  • Edge-mode for cutting along the edge of your lawn
  • Beautiful looking lawn
Environmentally friendly
  • No Petrol
  • No Oil
  • No Emissions
  • Valuable nutrients return to the lawn

Robomow® Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does it work and how does it know where it is going?
  2. What happens to the clippings?
  3. Is the set up difficult and how long will it take?
  4. Do I have to bury the 'perimeter' wire?
  5. How do I know it will work for my lawn?
  6. I have trees and other objects in my lawn. How will it work with them?
  7. What about slopes?
  8. How long will it take to mow my lawn?
  9. How do I know which Robomow® model to choose for my lawn?
  10. Is the height of cut adjustable?
  11. What is the life of the power pack?
  12. Is Robomow safe, I'm worried about it running when I am not around?
  13. If I cut my lawn while I am away or at night, I'm afraid it will be stolen.
  14. Does rain or water hurt Robomow?
  15. I really enjoy mowing the lawn, besides isn't this just pure laziness?
  16. Since it moves across the lawn in many different directions, won't I have lawn stripes that make my lawn look like a puzzle?
  17. But I like stripes on my lawn...
  18. Do I have to keep up with the charging process and unplug the charger when the battery becomes completely charged?
  19. Will it work with an invisible dog fence?
  20. What is the cost of electricity to recharge the battery?

How does it work and how does it know where it is going?

A small wire is pegged to the ground around the perimeter of your lawn, a similar type of technology that invisible pet containment systems use. This is a one-time setup and takes about as long as it does to mow your lawn one time. This wire will virtually disappear from sight in two to three weeks in normal growing conditions. This wire forms the virtual fence for the Robomow®, containing it to the area you are mowing.

Robomow® uses a patented onboard navigation system, monitoring its position relative to the wire around the lawn. In addition, Robomow is always aware of the current driving direction and distance traveled. This is achieved by means of an internal compass-like device. This device provides the data which Robomow uses to determine the next most efficient path to take.

What happens to the clippings?

The Robomow®is dedicated mulcher, and the healthiest way to manage clippings for your lawn. It mulches in one or three separate chambers using high speed motors (5800 RPM). The result is more effective mulching than most conventional mowers, leaving smaller clippings that disappear into the roots of the grass. These smaller clippings provide for quick decomposition into a natural fertilizer for your lawn. There is absolutely no need to collect the clippings. For more information about Grasscycling,

Is the set up difficult and how long will it take?

The set up is quite easy, involving staking a wire down to the perimeter of your lawn. Complete instructions are included in the operating manual. In addition a small ruler is included to help guide you in the installation. The average set up will take approximately 1 to 3 hours.
Robomow Perimeter Wire Setup click here for a video »

Do I have to bury the 'perimeter' wire?

No, in fact most people simply stake it down to the lawn, at the ground level. The pegs (also called stakes) hold it down to the ground, and the grass grows over and covers it very quickly. You may bury it up to 3-4 inches (7-10cm) if you desire.

How do I know it will work for my lawn?

If your lawn can be cut using a walk-behind mower, Robomow® will work in your lawn. (Top)

I have trees and other objects in my lawn. How will it work with them?

Trees or other areas within the lawn that should not be accessible to the mower are handled in one of two ways. If the object is rigid and at least six inches (20cm) tall, the mower simply bumps into them, as the bumper sensors will detect the small impact and cause the mower to change direction. Other areas, like a flowerbed or swimming pool, are excluded from the cutting area by using the same wire as installed on the perimeter. The object is simply looped out during installation of the perimeter wire. The inbound and outbound leads of the wire used to loop out the object are installed right next to one another. This causes the signal in this section of the wire to cancel, allowing the mower full access around the obstacle, but keeping it out of the area excluded.
Robomow Perimeter Wire Island click here for a video »(Top)

What about slopes?

If a slope is currently being cut safely with a walk-behind, the Robomow® will handle it fine. (Top)

How long will it take to mow my lawn?

Generally speaking, it takes a bit longer for the Robomow® to mow than a walk-behind mower, but this is insignificant since you can do other things while the mower is busy. Total time will depend on size of lawn and also on the model chosen. Remember, with Robomow® you may cut your grass whenever you choose, any time day or night. Since you are free to spend this time elsewhere, it is truly a time-saving product. (Top)

How do I know which Robomow® model to choose for my lawn?

There are 2 basic criteria to consider: size of the lawn and whether with a Base Station or not. The RL2000 is supplied with a Base Station, providing full automation. This model will automatically depart from the Base Station at the pre-set scheduled times. With the RL850 model, simply drive Robomow to the lawn and press the GO button. (Top)

Is the height of cut adjustable?

RL models:
Yes, see the specifications table for details. This is very easy by adjusting the height of the front wheel.

What is the life of the power pack?

When properly maintained, two years on average. (Top)

Is Robomow safe, I'm worried about it running when I am not around?

The customer needs to decide if running un-attended is right for their situation or not. Whether it does or does not, Robomow® will still save you time and provide a convenient way to maintain your lawn. Robomow currently meets or exceeds all CPSC mandated requirements for walk behind mowers. In fact, the blade stop speed on Robomow® is 60% faster than required, something not found on any walk behind mower today. Additionally, the safety sensors to detect bumping into an object, sensors to detect a lift of the cutting deck, child lock safety features and manual operator presence controls all add in significant safety measures and systems to the consumer, far above that found on conventional walk mowers today. Robomow is simply the safest way to mow your lawn. (Top)

If I cut my lawn while I am away or at night, I'm afraid it will be stolen.

Most Robomow models include a TheftGuard theft deterrent system, which enables you to select a personal 4-digit code that must be entered for each use. Robomow is totally useless to anyone else without the code. The RL models weigh approximately 75 pounds (35 kg) with battery, so it is not easily carried away. If the mower is operating, one must know how to stop it. Robomow is very quiet, so it will attract little attention when running unattended. While theft of our personal property is an unfortunate aspect of our daily lives, we have seen no trend for theft of Robomow®. This is of course a personal decision, and must be weighed on your own experience in your community and neighbourhood.

Does rain or water hurt Robomow?

Under normal circumstances, Robomow will not be damaged when exposed to rain. We would not advise putting the mower into operation during a severe storm, however should it begin raining while it is operating, thia is no problem for Robomow®. We do not recommend washing the unit with a water hose, particularly from the underside. (Top)

I really enjoy mowing the lawn, besides isn't this just pure laziness?

While many people enjoy mowing their lawn, most enjoy other activities more. Activities such as spending time with the family, golfing or gardening to name a few. Robomow® is no different from many other products we use everyday. A dishwasher washes our dishes, a washing machine washes our clothes, and answering machines answer our phones. These are all time saving products, just like Robomow®. It is not laziness by any means, but a more intelligent way to manage your time, so you can spend it on other more enjoyable activities. Simply the next logical step in lawn mower design. (Top)

Since it moves across the lawn in many different directions, won't I have lawn stripes that make my lawn look like a puzzle?

Robomow® does not leave stripes on your lawn after cutting, it leaves a striking smooth uniform appearance. Since it does not create a large air flow from the blade rotation it will not lay the grass down similar to a walk mower, which is what creates the stripes. However, since it is moving across the grass in all directions it offers a much better quality of cut than a traditional walk behind. (Top)

But I like stripes on my lawn...

A traditional walk mower has to leave stripes, there is no choice. So, if you must have stripes, it would be preferable to have them look nice and neat. With Robomow®, there are no stripes, so no need to worry. (Top)

Do I have to keep up with the charging process and unplug the charger when the battery becomes completely charged?

No, the charger is equipped with a float control, allowing the charger to remain connected at all times without risk of damage. In fact, this is the recommended procedure between uses and for winter storage. (Top)

Will it work with an invisible dog fence?

Robomow® has been tested with several different systems, with little or no adverse effect. (Top)

What is the cost of electricity to recharge the battery?

This depends on the model you are using, size of lawn and frequency of operation, but typical figures are very low, no more than $20 for an entire year of operation. (Top)

Robomow® Accessories

Perimeter Wire

Perimeter Wire

For larger lawns and additional zones.

Peg Pack (50)

Peg Pack (50)

For larger lawns and additional zones.

Perimeter Wire

Wire repair connectors

Used for repairing or splicing wires (as needed)

Peg Pack (50)

Plot connector

Used for connecting the completed perimeter wire set up to the RL850 Perimeter Switch and the RL2000 Base Station

Perimeter Switch

Perimeter Switch

Convenience of having a switch for each zone rather than moving it from zone to zone.

Blade Set

Blade Set

Keep a spare blade set on hand. Sharp blades are important for safety and good cutting performance. It is recommended to replace all 3 blades once a year.

Power Pack

Power Pack

Quickly change to a second battery to increase mowing capacity.

Fast Charger

Fast Charger for Power Pack

Recharges the primary or additional Power Pack in approximately 4 hours for fast service and use.

What People are Saying about Robomow®

Lindsay Cairns

Lindsay Cairns

We had a contractor mow our lawns but when we built our new house with a new lawn we wanted more control over our mowing times. We looked a purchasing a new mower and taking on the task ourselves but, with our busy work load, that idea soon faded. However it got us to look at different options and one option was a Robotic mower. A Robotic Mower gave us the control over mowing times and Robotic Mower ownership costs less than paying a contractor. In our case the mower will pay for itself in about three years. So with control over mowing and a cost advantage it became the obvious choice. We had a good look at the Robotic mowers available, Roboland, with the knowledge and experience of owner Steve, and the fact that the Robomow cuts outside its wheelbase so gets close to edges, became the obvious choice. We installed "Robert" one afternoon and could not be happier with our decision. Philippa and I can recommend this lawn mowing option and highly recommend Steve from Roboland with his with practical and hands on experience. Happy and Contented Customers'
Lindsay & Philppa Cairns, Masterton

Mark Jones

Mark Jones

I cant begin to explain how good the the Robomow is. Our lawn has never looked better than it has since it has been cut with the Robomow. Being time poor, the Robomow allows us to cut the lawn when it is required and not when we have time, which means our garden looks perfect all the time. The ability to multitask means the Robomow is a must have item for the busy family. Robomow is child friendly, easy to install and cuts better than any lawn mower I have owned previously. Dealing with Steve at Roboland was a absolute pleasure. Steve assisted with the importation of our Robomow into Australia. Nothing was too much of an issue, and Steve was always at hand for any after sales service and advice. The experience could not have gone any smoother. I highly recommend the Robomow to anyone. You are not only purchasing a great lawn mower you are also buying time, which has no price tag. Mark Jones Melbourne Australia

Kevin Nottingham

Kevin Nottingham

We had been toying with the idea of a robotic mower for some time and finally took the plunge and ordered a Robomow RL1000 in May 2008. With a lawn approaching three quarters of an acre and 'funny shaped' lawns we had always doubted that it would work for us. Four weeks on and we are very pleased, he pops out and cuts the lawn 4 times a week starting at different points each time to keep that just cut look and we (plus friends and relatives) get endless hours of pleasure drinking wine and watching whilst 'Robbie' does all the work!! I can now go away on holiday without the prospect of a big cut being required on my return. Thanks to 'Robbie' I believe I have freed up 10 man days a year - it used to take me 2 hrs with a ride on mower (+ push mower for the edging) up to 2x a week at the height of the growing season - thatís a lot of free time now I wonder what should I use it for? I recommend it 100%. Iím just annoyed that I put it off for so long!

Rod Watt

Rod C. Watt - Palmerston North

Robomow is nothing but a marvel as it travels around my lawns leaving a carpet of smooth neatly cut grass while I carry on working in my office. No wasted time here, and also what an investment, I do not need to employ a mowing contractor anymore so it will pay for itself in a very short period of time.

Eric & Gloria

Eric and Gloria

Being a real traditional old gardener when my husband appeared with a robot grasscutter my immediate reaction was, "That thing won't work". "Give it a chance" ,he replied. A little voice in my head went "If it does work, one less job for you". For once I remained silent. We were amazed by the advantages it has to offer, silent efficient cutting, not having to worry if the grass isn't bone dry, coping well with quite a slope, bouncing off tree trunks and above all my being able to press on with other jobs. A cup of tea in the garden on a sunny day while someone else does the work is most satisfying!

Mr Take Pauwels

Mr Take Pauwels

Take is a beekeeper. He has some 50 beehives which represents several millions of bees. For Take this is a leisure activity. He produces honey and sells it to passers-by. Take used to have a problem with the lawn adjacent to the beehives because the bees got very aggressive when he tried to use a regular lawn mower. So he used a hand scythe. Several months ago Take bought a Robomow and installed it all by himself! "It didn't take long before the bees got used to the Robomow" says Take. "Now sometimes there are bees that land and take a free ride on the Robomow".

All hail to Oscar

All hail to "Oscar"

This is the name we gave to our Robomow which we were fortunate enough to be given to test under the 'Free Time Trials' scheme and which we purchased when the scheme was discontinued. Our section is only a small one, in fact we were surprised when given the opportunity to take part in the trials scheme. We thought that the company would be more interested in properties with much larger lawns than ours. The areas of the grass in both our front and rear lawns are somewhat irregular and in some places sloping so that we thought that dear old "Oscar" wouldn't be able to cope, but surprise! surprise! he did and apparently with little difficulty - a helping hand, now and then, when the grass was damp was all the help he needed. Having had our Robomow for almost two years now, we would be lost without it. Our grass always looks good and with very little effort on my part - (my wife tidies up the edge with a strimmer where necessary). It is most satisfying and intriguing to sit and watch "Oscar" at work whilst enjoying a drink on the patio, or getting on with the many other jobs that need attention.

Elaine Fiorentino

Elaine Fiorentino

Robomow is not just a luxury, it's a necessity for the disabled. It not only gives us the freedom to care for our lawns, (avoiding the high cost of paying for a service), but it also takes away the guilt of having to add yet another burden to our care-givers. The comical sounds and the way the Robomow mowes makes it fun to watch. The installation was easy enough for a wheelchair bound person to do myself. The absolute best part, however, is the Friendly Robotic Employees who not only listen to their customers opinions with very friendly attitudes, but have always gone above and beyond the call of duty. It is so nice to deal with a company who can be trusted to do what it claims. I am looking forward to future products from this company. Thanks for a Great Product!

Greg Wyatt

Greg Wyatt

... it does a great job, it mows in a pattern that makes sure it mows every nook and cranny! What I really like best about this product is to watch it!! I saw a person using it in there lawn and pulled up along side there house and watch it for 2 hours!! (I had some explaining to do when the owner came out and saw me there!!) so I decided to buy one, now if I see some kids coming up the street with lawn mowers, I hurry and get my Robomow out and start it before they come so they don't ask to mow my lawn! but I ALWAYS watch my little brother mow the lawn (yes, now I refer to my Robomow as my brother!!) but he is SO much fun to watch!! and if your tired of vacuuming, get the Roomba Discovery from iRobot!! (OnRobo)

McKinstry Family

McKinstry Family - Taupo

Since we bought the Robomow, we have found it to be very tender on the grass. Because the grass gets mulched and returned back to the soil, it seems to make the condition of it so much more healthier looking and greener than ever. Also keeping the blades that little bit higher off the ground makes the grass more lush and a pleasure to walk on! Of course if we were still using the old push mower we would have the grass chopped lower so that we wouldn't have to do that tedious chore again in a hurry. Now it is enjoyable watching our new friend do, what we oh so hated to do before.

Monia Andersen

Monia Andersen

Monia Andersen have no doubts that she made a good investment when she bought a RoboMow. Early in spring 2005 Monia put the new RL550 to her lawn for the first time. "Using Robomow is no comparison to pushing a lawnmower" says Monia. "my Robot has granted me time to get other garden chores done and I warmly recommend it"

Daniel C. Slagle

Daniel C. Slagle

I bought a new house and saw that everyone else in the neighborhood had a riding lawnmower. Having a small yard with not much to mow, in the past, I was not looking forward to spending at least 2 hours a week sitting on my [back] driving around in circles. I started looking for "high speed" riding mowers but the cost was astronomical. Things that impressed me: There are no "clumps" of grass even when it was mowing during the rain storm. It mows in the rain. :-) It even pulled itself out of a little mud puddle that had formed once it realized it had no more traction in that direction. The speed at which the blades come to a complete stop (< 1 second) if it runs into something while you are manually mowing or you pick up the front. Negative comments: If you like pretty "lines" in your lawn, this mower is not for you. All your friends and neighbors will ask you questions and/or make fun of you. I suggest you tell them what I tell them, "You do not manually wash your clothes. You probably do not hand wash all of your dishes. Why would you WANT to mow your lawn?" (Amazon)

Home Improvement

A home improvement enthusiast

I purchased the Robomow three years ago. I am soooo happy with it and can only imagine that the newer models are even better. As far as battery life, it mows for about 3-4 hours on one charge and can cut most of our 3/4 acre yard in one afternoon. I use it about twice a week or as necessary and it does a GREAT job. I highly recommend the rapid charger though if you have a large yard. It takes a full 24 hours to charge without it. (Cars actually stop and back up to watch it, it's too fun!) (Amazon)

Kedoshim Family

Kedoshim Family

Summer is much too hot and I'm too tired to push a walk-behind lawnmower. My wife, Ruti, operates the Robotic Mower twice a week. While the Robotic Mower mows our lawn, we are free to complete other chores or enjoy the free time. We are very satisfied with the results! It is one genius invention! It works even better than I expected. Other lawnmowers tore the grass, the Robomow cuts it accurately and the lawn looks perfect! It is so smart that it tells you if anything is wrong by displaying messages. There are audio sounds and even texts that help the user to diagnose the problem. If service is required, do not worry! The technical professional personnel is always ready to give you prompt solutions. Our neighbours love it too!

Twins Daddy

Twins Daddy

I have it set to take off about 1/3 of the grass with each weekly cut and our lawn has never looked better. It truly is a "sea of green" once Robomow is finished and the blades have been clipped from every direction. It looks as good or better than the $150/visit professional landscaping crew does across the street. We have four 20" x 20" recessed drainage holes throughout the yard that can be a problem. Most of the time Robomow goes down and comes back out OK...Sometimes it just sits and spins the wheels trying to climb out. Hence, the supervision part of the job. Keeping an eye on Robomow and intervening when needed is still much better than the old blood and sweat that I see falling off the neighbours when they go out and cut their grass the old-fashioned way. Next to the PC and HDTV, Robomow gets my vote for best "life made easier" invention of the past 20 years. It's not perfect , but neither are you when you cut the grass. It's just much more convenient watching the grass be cut by Robomow. Understand it's limitations, plan your lawn zones like you want it to operate and you should be equally pleased with the results, provided you don't get the inevitable lemon. I have extra blades, but haven't needed to replace them after 3 seasons of weekly mowings. Great product! (Amazon)